This past May, Pastor Dale sent shock waves throughout Churches and Homes across America when he opened the doors of his past for all the world to see. A bold move meant to show people who feel there is no hope that through the Grace of God there is always Hope. His purpose was to show them no matter how wicked their past, God in His infinite mercy will forgive them. And God doesn’t stop there, When He forgives your sins, He forgets your sins. If you’ll simply ask God to forgive you of your sins, and believe that He will, It is as simple as that. Romans Chapter 10 and Verse 13 says, For “Whoever” calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Why not do it right now and let all the guilt of your past be gone? You can Never live good enough to earn His forgiveness. The only way to obtain freedom and eternal life with Jesus is to accept His gift to you, of Mercy. Countless numbers of people were helped from the first Confessions back in May, please don’t miss this next one on November 23rd at 9 or 11am at New Light Church in Bladenboro.
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